Early Childhood School

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ACT ETD Gifted and Talented Policy, 2014

Franklin Early Childhood School follows the ACT ETD Gifted and Talented Policy (2014) in defining:

  • Giftedness as: a student’s outstanding natural abilities or aptitudes, located in one or more domains: intellectual, creative, social, perceptual or physical, and recognises the diverse abilities of students
  • Talent as: a student’s outstanding performance in one or more fields of human activity: academic, technical, science and technology, arts, social service, administration or sales, business operations, games or sports and athletics.

Franklin Early Childhood School Procedures for following the ACT ETD Gifted and Talented Students Policy, 2014

Students identified as gifted and talented will be flexibly grouped with like- minded peers for core learning subjects such as writing, reading and numeracy. Flexible grouping may include clustering of students in a class, whole class grouping, regrouping across classes or targeted groupings.

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