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Connecting with community


We commit to building relationships with our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community that are built on mutual respect, trust and inclusiveness. We value these relationships and their role in helping to create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous staff, students, children and community members.


As part of year three’s HASS program, students attended the National Museum of Australia to participate in the A Living Culture Program.  During the program, students handled and explored a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects to help them understand the ways in which Indigenous cultures have evolved and adapted in the last 200 years. The program provided students with the opportunity to use an iPad to photograph objects that illustrate an aspect of Australia’s First Peoples’ living culture.


As part of their HASS learning, Year 2 students visited the Australian National Botanic Gardens. They explored the gardens’, plants and landscapes through the eyes of Indigenous Australia and engaged in an interactive and hands on tour, guided by a ranger. They learnt how native plants can provide many of the essentials of life, including food, medicine, tools, weapons and clothes and discovered how Indigenous Australians use native plants today.

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